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Pick The Perfect Hair Color

Are you ready to transform your appearance with fresh hair extensions? It’s difficult to choose your shade? Let us help you. There are dozens of gorgeous shades we offer that will satisfy all of your color needs.

Before we introduce our latest color chart, featuring a stunning selection of up to 100 fashionable hues, let’s delve into the art of color and self-expression. Each color we have to offer radiates a stunning atmosphere that mirrors your personal style and inner soul. Our high-quality Vietnamese hair extensions are created to improve your everyday appearance and bring out the best in you, whether you live in America, the UK, Sweden, or anywhere else in the world.

Here is our color chart:

The Hair Shop Color Ring

Not sure which extensions color will match your hair? Our Hair Shop Color Ring is the perfect solution!

Introducing Our Hot Selling Hair Color

As a trusted Vietnamese hair vendor in Vietnam, we take pride in being able to provide you with the highest caliber hair extensions in the most popular colors. Our team has painstakingly conducted extensive research to curate this exceptional color chart. To make sure that our colors are the pinnacle of perfection, we have researched trends, listened to what our customers want, and talked with experts.

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction means that you can trust us to provide you with the best look you’ve ever wanted. Find out more about our best-selling hair colour to change the way your hair looks right now.

If you have a special color request, please contact us. We can consider taking your request on as a special project. You can also buy our color ring if you are a salon, stylist, or individual that wants to have all of the colors we offer on hand.